Sunday, November 27, 2011


Android  is a software stack for mobile devices created by the Google lead Open Handset Alliance  .It  includes an OS ( Linux ) , middleware, core  applications. It is device independent  platform  . You can develop  applications  for devices such as mobile phone, Tablet  PC, notebook, GPS device, Reader, Set Top Box, TV.
Android applications  are developed  in Java.
Android also uses XML to define various resources inside the application.
Google provide Android software development kit  (SDK) .It is free and includes  compiler, debugger, device emulator, Java virtual machine (Dalvic virtual machine ).
Android supports 2D and 3D  graphics using the OpenGL libraries.
Data storage with open source database SQLite.
Android allows  programmers to add any application of their  choice on an actual platform.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Android 2.3.3

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Mobile phones are being used for voice and data applications. Applications to access.....
Email and news updates
Social networking websites..Facebook,Orkut etc.
Whether,stockmarket,cricket scores,move schedule....
2G Network..........
  1.GPRS - general packet radio service
                    Speed up to 25-40 kBps
  2.EDGE - Enhanced data rate for gsm network
                    Speed up to 256 kBps (called 2.5G )
Speed provided by 2G are good for email,messenger.
( chatting )  or small data transfer applications.
The data rate vary depending on the network signal strength,traffic, and capability of the mobile phone
3G NETWORK........
     WCDMA-wide band code division multiple access
     Provides max downlink speed of  384 kBps
     HSDPA - (high speed downlink packet access)
     Extends and improves on WCDMA, taking the
     speed to  3.6 mBps
     Early 3g. Phones like N70,N73 ,V3CD,LG KU990
     support  WCDMA not HSDPA.    
     All the latest 3G phones like Apple's iPhone,
     Nokia                        N96,N97,E71
     Samsung Omnia,Ace
     HTC touch,wildfire etc. are HSDPA phones.
     1xEVDO  Technology using for highspeed internet.
With a 3G mobile phone you need a 3G netwok to allow you to enjoy high speed internet applications.3G netwok will enable operators to offer a wide range of services such as video calls and live TV.
Video streaming or live TV requires a high bandwidth and higher download speed.
OperaMobile-offers the multi-tab feacher
OperaMini.   - compression for fast browsing
GoogleAndroid & Safari - provide a rich display of websites.
Mozilla's Minimos
Microsoft internet explorer for mobiles.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This is my first mobile  blog publishing from my first ANDROID phone ...HTC Whildfire S.
It having more features  and smart performance.
Android 2.3.3
Hardware features l am not mentioning here.
Above the Android platform one more layer of  HTC sense  software is loaded .
For Android application development HTC sync supports application download from pc

Sunday, October 23, 2011

GNU RXTX for Android

GNU RXTX for Android
For communicating with other embedded devices which is having only serial port (COM).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Location Finder based on GPS+GSM

Location Finder Unit 

Modules used for the project.
  1. ARM7(LPC2148) microcontroller used as the processor
  2. GPS module with UART(3.3v TTL) interface 
  3. GSM/GPRS modem module with RS232 serial interface
  4. Power Supply(5v for ARM board GPS,7v for GSM modem)
Software devoloped with Rowly Cross Studio 2.0   IDE (GNU C compiler)
compiled output is in hex format,this target software is flashed to processor with Philips Flash utility.
  1. Show the location details (Latitude,Longitude) in LCD.
  2. Simply make a ring to this unit,it will give the informations through SMS-
    • Example -If you are using in School Bus parents can make a ring (no call charge) and get the position of School Bus.
    • Latitude,Longitude
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Name of the location
    • Stored information(coustomized message for individual calling numbers)
  3. Facility for storing the information for current position-
    • Name of location
    • To include in category list like ATM,Petrol Pump,Police Station,Hotels etc.
    • Other datas like purchase of fuel etc.
  4. Common Message can be send to Selected Numbers-
    • Example -If you are using in School Bus driver can send common message to all parents about vehicle position etc.
  5. Memory card interface is available to store and exchange the information with PC
  6. Alert by SMS or Mobile ring when the position change from the SET value-
    • This feature can be used for avoiding theft (Vehicle,Goods etc.)
  1. More features can be included by updating the firmware with out additional hardware
  2. Interface to Internet applications with GPRS-
    • Messages through email
    • Tracking facility through WWW
    • Linking to Google Earth
    • Tracking in Mobile with Android application.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introduction to Android

  1. Actually android itself is not an Operating System,
  2. Inner level OS is Linux,over the linux Android is loading.
  3. Android is devoloped by Google , so google provide core libraries.
  4. It is a java oriented platform for devoloping and excecuting mobile applications.
  5. We can write programs in java and utilise android classes and API's.
  6. Applications and libraries mainly concentrated in mobile devices.
  7. Android applications can excecute in mobile device  with Android platform.
    •   ipod
    •  TabletPC
    •  PDA
    •  Embedded System ( Dedicated special purpose System)
  8. In embedded field lot of limitations for Android devolopment.

    • Direct access to H/W is difficult in application level.
    • We have to write driver programs for accessing H/W ( GPIO-general purpose I/O).
    • After modifiying the Source Code and including the driver , recompile the OS and create image.

    For biginning the Android development the following packages are needed.

    • 1. JDK                                - java development kit
    • 2. Android SDK                  -Software Development Kit.
    • 3. Android Platform and Platform Tool                                                                                            (It can be downloaded with Download manager available with Android SDK.)
    •  Eclipse IDE                        -Integrated Development Environment ( or any other IDE)
    •  Android ADT                     -Android Development ToolKit for Eclipse
Read more in next publish

Thursday, July 14, 2011


ARM11 (S3C 6410 samsung processor based) Development board with 4.3" LCD.-Tyni6410.

     The board having good quality and lot of features.
  • 256 RAM
  • 256 NAND flash
  • Audio IN,OUT
  • Video out
  • 3 sereal ports (TTL also)
  • CMOS camera ,WiFi Interface
  • 4 USB Host,1 slave
  • 5v Power adapter also provided.
  • It will support Linux,Android,Wince,Ubondu.
  • All softwares and supporting datasheets provided.
With the help of this board ,I started my Android Developments.
I planed to impliment GPS/GSM application for Vehicle Tracking and Navigation.
Already I compleated GPS/GSM interfacing with my ARM7(LPC2148 based).
Gps datas getting from vehicle ( location ,speed ,direction ,etc.) send to Mobile by SMS via GSM network.Traking and Security side software done, But due to the lack of LCD screen in the ARM7 board I could not get map and other information in the vehicle.And Gprs Application also incompleat.
I hope these and more features (a Smart phone or Tablet PC) can be provided with the help of OS and Android application program.Graphics user interface can be devoloped with Android

Monday, May 23, 2011

GPS/GSM Based Project

Global Positioning System
Started to develop GPS/GSM project
I purchased one GPS unit and GSM/GPRS modem for this project.
ARM7 (LPC2148) processor (Blue Board) board is using for this project.
GPS data receiving side is ok, position data is getting in NMEA format(ascii text).
In the first stage , I use this data for  maping in Google earth.
GPS receiver data out is in UART (TTL3.3v) communication.
Data received from GPS via UART conected to ARM through UART0.
Processed data fed to the PC via BlueBoard's UART1.
But my laptop having only USB.
This problem solved by RS232 to USB convertor.
GPS data to be linked to the Google Earth by any bridge software (earthbridge).
Now the position showing in google earth according to gps data.
In google Earth we can save the track,map,trip etc in XML formal and can be share with others by email.

National Marine Electronics AssociationNMEA has developed a specification that defines the interface between various pieces of marine electronic equipment. The standard permits marine electronics to send information to computers and to other marine equipment