Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Location Finder based on GPS+GSM

Location Finder Unit 

Modules used for the project.
  1. ARM7(LPC2148) microcontroller used as the processor
  2. GPS module with UART(3.3v TTL) interface 
  3. GSM/GPRS modem module with RS232 serial interface
  4. Power Supply(5v for ARM board GPS,7v for GSM modem)
Software devoloped with Rowly Cross Studio 2.0   IDE (GNU C compiler)
compiled output is in hex format,this target software is flashed to processor with Philips Flash utility.
  1. Show the location details (Latitude,Longitude) in LCD.
  2. Simply make a ring to this unit,it will give the informations through SMS-
    • Example -If you are using in School Bus parents can make a ring (no call charge) and get the position of School Bus.
    • Latitude,Longitude
    • Speed
    • Direction
    • Name of the location
    • Stored information(coustomized message for individual calling numbers)
  3. Facility for storing the information for current position-
    • Name of location
    • To include in category list like ATM,Petrol Pump,Police Station,Hotels etc.
    • Other datas like purchase of fuel etc.
  4. Common Message can be send to Selected Numbers-
    • Example -If you are using in School Bus driver can send common message to all parents about vehicle position etc.
  5. Memory card interface is available to store and exchange the information with PC
  6. Alert by SMS or Mobile ring when the position change from the SET value-
    • This feature can be used for avoiding theft (Vehicle,Goods etc.)
  1. More features can be included by updating the firmware with out additional hardware
  2. Interface to Internet applications with GPRS-
    • Messages through email
    • Tracking facility through WWW
    • Linking to Google Earth
    • Tracking in Mobile with Android application.


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