Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introduction to Android

  1. Actually android itself is not an Operating System,
  2. Inner level OS is Linux,over the linux Android is loading.
  3. Android is devoloped by Google , so google provide core libraries.
  4. It is a java oriented platform for devoloping and excecuting mobile applications.
  5. We can write programs in java and utilise android classes and API's.
  6. Applications and libraries mainly concentrated in mobile devices.
  7. Android applications can excecute in mobile device  with Android platform.
    •   ipod
    •  TabletPC
    •  PDA
    •  Embedded System ( Dedicated special purpose System)
  8. In embedded field lot of limitations for Android devolopment.

    • Direct access to H/W is difficult in application level.
    • We have to write driver programs for accessing H/W ( GPIO-general purpose I/O).
    • After modifiying the Source Code and including the driver , recompile the OS and create image.

    For biginning the Android development the following packages are needed.

    • 1. JDK                                - java development kit
    • 2. Android SDK                  -Software Development Kit.
    • 3. Android Platform and Platform Tool                                                                                            (It can be downloaded with Download manager available with Android SDK.)
    •  Eclipse IDE                        -Integrated Development Environment ( or any other IDE)
    •  Android ADT                     -Android Development ToolKit for Eclipse
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