Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Interfacing Circuit for Microcontroller



3.RELAY interfacing

4.-IC-ULN2803(switching transistor package for driving components like Relay,Buzzer,etc from       Microcontroller)

5.GPS Module (3.3volt)-interfacing circuit for 3.3v microcontroller

433MHz RF Transmitter for communication(DATA IN is the serial data input)

433MHz RF Receiver(It will receive the signal and give the serial  data output)

AT89C51 microcontroller-RESET and CLOCK (Xtal) connection

Interfacing Loud Speaker with Microcontroller Port pin

Interfacing Relays with Microcontroller through ULN2803(switching transister pack IC as Driver for relay coil)
LCD -(16 characters X 2 lines )interfacing with PIC microcontroller(4bit data mode)
Pin details of  IC7805-powersupply regulator, Transistor BC337,LM335

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