Monday, September 17, 2012

Internet of Things ( IoT )

Next generation Internet is " Internet of Things " , connecting everything with net . Data exchanging between these devices will be supported by Cloud network system . Now COSM (earlier it was Pachube) is a free cloud provider for live data exchange, mainly from live sensors as public feed or private feed. They are providing APIs for data communication over the net through COSM services.After free signing up with COSM you can create FEED with ID and Data streams.Under a single FEED ID you can add many number of Data streams.You can update the FEED by some regular intervals automatically with ready made applications ( Android based applications are available in the google market , PC based applications also available) or user applications.A link for sample feed from my smartHome project.The data is live from sensors installed in the smartHome ( Android based system for Integrated Home Automation).
The data shown in the graph is collected from real sensors and passed to Android based application , then it will send to COSM server with the help of JPachube libraries.With this feeds we can create visual graphical representation and set the Trigger value for getting trigger to other URL.
My smartHome system is connected with COSM server and updating datas collected from the system, and the feed -data streams can be viewed from anywhere in the world by downloading the data stream from COSM and can be displayed in the attractive and useful format with some application in Mobile phone (Android based application) or Tablet PC
smartHome -System Unit (Android powered)

ARM-11 samsung cpu S3C6410 is used in this system

OS is Linux+Android 2.3.4

smartHome application - Menu for controlling the Devices in Home,simultaneously status will be updated in COSM.

ON/OFF Schedule can be set for each device.


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